Unfortunately, we are no longer open for classes. Studio Yooga has closed on Siesta Key.
Unfortunately, we are no longer open for classes. Studio Yooga has closed on Siesta Key.
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Bend or Break?

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Yoga is a foundation you create. 

With consistent practice, it is a foundation that gives you the incredible gift of stability both in your inner and outer worlds.

Whether you practice power vinyasa, yin yoga, gentle yoga, simple meditation and movement, or one of the hundreds of styles of yoga out there today, the more you show up for your practice, the more your practice will show up for you.

Contrite, but true!

In an unexpected moment where you start to loose your balance, if you have been maintaining a regular yoga practice for even just a few months, your response time will be much faster, and your fascia and muscles tone much more able to bend versus break under the intensity of the unexpected situation.

Especially for the members of our communities that are the wisest of all, those who have seen much and been around even longer, yoga is the secret ingredient that will literally help you bend so you don't break.

Falls are a very real risk factor for anyone over the age of 50. Dramatically increasing your risk of injury, additional falls, and fatality, with each and every fall. 

Preventative practices can vary. Personal trainers, fitness classes, daily walks, there are all great options.

But what is most effective is making sure that no matter what you do, you are doing as much yoga as possible! 


Because the core strength, balance-improving, and mobility-enhancing results of a consistent yoga practice are simply unbeatable.

The main reason for this is because unlike many other method of maintaining physical health as you mature, which absolutely have value, yoga is unique in that you engage in a mindfulness and connection to your breath that makes such a huge difference in how your brain and body work. 

At our Siesta Key studio we offer Gentle Yoga Sunday though Friday.

Truly it is one of the most powerful ways to improve your sense of wellbeing.

A quick google search, talk with your physician will confirm! 

Yoga is for everyone, even if you feel like you aren't flexible, or have limitations, they can be accommodated and improved! 

It starts with one practice.

Try it, you will see!

Any questions just reach out. We are here for you.

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