Unfortunately, we are no longer open for classes. Studio Yooga has closed on Siesta Key.
Unfortunately, we are no longer open for classes. Studio Yooga has closed on Siesta Key.
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The Heart Space

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In the very center of your body, echoing all the highs and lows of your life, lovingly embraced and supported by your left lung, is the electromagnetic power-house of your heart.

This is a really special part of your body. 

Groundbreaking research by scientific establishments like the Heart Math Institute are proving this.

Did you know that your heart projects an electromagnetic field up to eight feet around your body? And that this energy field (which can be easily measured) actually communicates to those around you how you are feeling?

That’s right, simply by the energy of your heart, whether you verbalize it or not, if you’re having a particularly wonderful or uncomfortable day, the people around you can feel it!

Why does this matter? It matters because what this means is that each and every one of us has a super power in the energy of our heart to communicate love, peace, and connection into the world around us.

Meaning if you cultivate an open heart, and nourish this space within you, simply by walking around you can spread the good vibes, and positively impact others!

Here at the Studio Yooga sanctuary you will discover classes and experiences that guide you to your heart center, help you connect to and open this space, and then nourish your heart with harmonizing breath, movement, meditation, and intention. 

Join us for a Restorative Yoga class at Noon Monday - Friday and experience heart opening while being serenaded by the sounds of the singing bowls. 

Vinyasa and yin are also wonderful venues for opening up your heart space with expansive movement, binds, twists, and relaxing postures that tune you in to your center.

Check out our schedule and find that class that most calls to you. See you on the mat!

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