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Located at 5212 1/2 Ocean Blvd in Siesta Key ___________________Call us at 941-248-3890
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The Powerful Act of Simply Lying Down

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Each day you do two very specific and important things.

You get up in the morning, and you lay back down at night.

Meaning, eight hours (ideally eight! aim for eight! sleep is king!) of each and every 24 hour time period you are laying on your back or side.

Why is this?

Why are we designed to sleep this way?

The answer is in the nervous system. 

When you bring yourself supine, to your back, some amazing things start happening to your nervous system.

Immediately your breathing relaxes, your inhales and exhales lengthening.

Your heart rate also starts to slow down.

Then, neuro-chemicals designed to calm you down start being released by your brain into your body, relaxing your muscles.

Your digestive system also starts to relax.

You begin to tune in much more deeply to what your body is needing and wanting.

This is why best piece of advice to any one who is feeling stressed or over whelmed is to simply lay down!

 It's also why savasana, the crowning jewel of any yoga practice, is at the end of your posture series. 

So remember, if you are feeling stressed, yoga can definitely help, but make sure not to skip your savasana, it's truly the most important pose of your practice, if not your whole day.

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