Unfortunately, we are no longer open for classes. Studio Yooga has closed on Siesta Key.
Unfortunately, we are no longer open for classes. Studio Yooga has closed on Siesta Key.
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The Warm Blanket of Yin Yoga

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Warm Yin Yoga. 

Warm milk and a fresh baked cookie, chocolate chips still gooey.

Warm bed with a massage with warm hands after a long day of everything.

These are one in the same.

I knew Yin was good, I knew warm yin was even better.

But I didn’t know how good. 

Until last week that is.

It had been quite a day, all of the responsibilities of life seemed to coalesce into a haze of pressure and I was close to cracking under the weight of it all.

But it was also the day that I had decided I would visit the studio so I could experience first hand the class so many of our new students had been raving about: Warm Yin (we offer workshops on the regular! You will probably find me there).

And that decision had kept me afloat through all the challenges. 

I entered the studio in a daze, in more desperate need of yoga than I had consciously allowed myself to recognize. 

Teaching 9+ hours a week, 6 of which were 2 back to back dripping sweat hot, power, vinyasa flow classes, had my hips and lower back in quite a state. 

Deep down I knew I needed to slow way, way down, and give myself a powerful does of yin to balance out all the yang that comes with such a teaching schedule on the back of the pressure of designing and staffing a successful yoga studio in just three weeks.

Cher had the infrared heaters at some magical degree when I walked in, not too hot, pure comfort, and after making a mental note to ask what degree exactly, I gently laid out my mat, and lay the  super soft blanket I had brought from home on top. 

Next thing I knew the entire environment had transported me to some other dimension, where I could let go of everything I had been holding onto. Sink back into the core of myself, and come home, home to the equilibrium of gratitude and joy that is the hallmark of who I am. 

The music was soothing, so peaceful, and the shapes exactly what I needed to piece my body back together after so many weeks of hour upon hour of intensity. 

I left a new person.

On a cloud.

Cloud Nine.

This is an experience I would highly recommend for everyone, especially those with high stress lifestyles, and especially those who think they ‘don’t have time’ for yoga, to integrate into their weekly routine. 

It is such an unparalleled balm and curative to the stresses of this world.

Sign up online via our website class schedule or the mindbody app!

See you on the Yin-side!

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