Unfortunately, we are no longer open for classes. Studio Yooga has closed on Siesta Key.
Unfortunately, we are no longer open for classes. Studio Yooga has closed on Siesta Key.
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What Brings You To The Mat?

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What brings you to the mat?

This is a really powerful question, and one with a different answer not just depending on who you ask, but what day you ask them, even what time of day you ask them.

It is also a question that susses out the central factor responsible for yoga’s surging popularity in the West, why millions have flocked to the mat over the past several decades despite its forgeign origin, and the reason that it has exploded out of  proportion into an appearance driven lifestyle from its very humble roots in meditation and stillness.

And that factor is this: people are desperate to find something that makes them feel whole. 

Because we live in a culture saturated with ideals that are highly ineffective at satisfying us on a soul-level, all of us, at some point, reach a stage in life where no amount of money, things, relationships, or people can satisfy that longing within for wholeness.

Furthermore, all the billboards and movie screens and magazines that perpetuate these ideals and are supposed to be launching pads of inspiration for the way we live our lives, only serve to keep us in the same loop of narrow expectations and unrealistic comparison. 

So it is no wonder that a whole population silently longing for something deeper and more meaningful will find a space within them stirring after first seeing a picture of someone meditating.

This is because while peace as a practice is completely absent from the common vernacular and especially from any media-driven information outlet, peace as a state of being is deeply longed for by every single human being on this planet. 

The heart of yoga emanates peace. Think of the image of a true guru, most of us have seen one by now, in his little swath of cloth, sitting on the hard dirt, eyes closed but clearly blissed out in meditation, light seeming to glow from within him. 

Our western mind is blown away by this image--he has nothing, but he is happy?? How can this be?? So we google the nearest yoga studio to go and find out. 

We seek out the yoga mat because we are hoping that what has been left unspoken can somehow be drawn out and remedied in that space. The image of a man with seemingly nothing but beaming with joy refuses to leave you. 

Especially when you have so many of the things we have been taught will bring us success and happiness, yet you don’t really feel successful or happy.

So many of us are unhappy at our jobs, in our marriages, relationships, and connection with our Selves, but for the large part too afraid to admit it. Meaning nothing is ever given an opportunity to change. 

Coming to the mat, for the majority, is the first step on the journey to doing something about that. 

You, me, everyone, we come to the mat seeking a greater sense of peace. We come to be changed. 

We come to the mat for a million different reasons, but with the same unifying purpose:

To rise up again, lighter, brighter, and with a greater sense of wholeness.

Here at Studio Yooga Siesta Key you will discover a sanctuary to support you no matter what your reason for coming to the yoga mat that day. No questions asked!

In our space we provide a variety of offerings, from Power Vinyasa to Warm Yin, Restorative Yoga with Singing Bowls, and a Gentle Vinyasa Flow, because we understand that there is no one single path to alignment.

Join us for one of our Dharma offerings, like  Rise & Shine Sun Salutations in the am hours on the gorgeous sands of Siesta Key Beach! Or a Saturday evening sunset flow.

Bliss out with one of our noon Restorative Yoga with Sound Healing classes and walk back into your day on cloud nine.

There is so much goodness to find here at Studio Yooga. 

We are so excited for our grand opening in early March 2021! 

Follow us & stay tuned for all of the wonderful offerings and special events we’ve got planned for you!  We are so, so excited to welcome you to the mat.

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