Unfortunately, we are no longer open for classes. Studio Yooga has closed on Siesta Key.
Unfortunately, we are no longer open for classes. Studio Yooga has closed on Siesta Key.
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What will you find at Studio Yooga?

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There is a saying, “Yoga is like a single tree, with hundreds if not thousands of different limbs.”

Personally, I would go so far as to say Yoga indeed may be a single tree, but it is more like the Great Banyan Tree in the Acharya Jagadish Bose Botanical Garden near Calcutta in India. Over 250 years old and covering around 3.5 acres of land, it is the widest tree in the world. When you see it, you would think that it is a dense forest not just a single tree.

I find this analogy to be far more accurately representative of the state of yoga in the world today. With a market saturated in yoga teacher training programs and a sea of influencers laying claim to the path of enlightenment, Yoga has grown into a massive multi-billion dollar multi-limbed tree. 

Studios today are equally varied in their approach to this centuries old practice.

So what will you find at Studio Yooga?

What makes us unique? What do we have to offer you that you can benefit from?

Oh that’s an easy one.

Simplicity. Peace. A space to come back to center. A place to nourish your practice, yourself, and to grow as a yogi.

Our beautiful studio space in Siesta Key Village is truly a sanctuary where each time your leave you will feel more joy in your heart!

At our Dharma class offerings, you’ll find us where the sun meets the sand at golden hour. 

Both in the studio and during our beach classes, you’ll be in a space where breath and movement become one. 

Where the heart space becomes your central focus. And where our team of expert teachers are ever ready to guide you in a variety of yoga styles: 

Fun, playful, powerful and aligning flows.

Slow & steady heart opening movement sequences that connect you deeply to your breath.

Incredibly calming and centering styles like yin and restorative.

Additionally, special events offerings here at Studio Yooga are going to light you up like you won’t believe (we’re talking sunrise & sunset yoga on the sand, yoga on the beach with brews & good music, full moon yoga, singing bowls galore, and so much more).

Plus you will also find a boutique filled with unique and beautiful goodies you will love.

So, go out on a limb (of the yoga tree! ) and join us at our sanctuary. We are ever ready to welcome you to the mat.


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